Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day...what's so great about holidays anyway?

So today is Labor Day, yes my first holiday without my husband. Granted it is not a big one, but a holiday none the less. It sucks! Everyone is having bbqs and get-togethers, and I am home...ALONE! I guess everyone forgot about me. I haven't had a single phone call, text...nothing. That is the thing that sucks about holidays while your spouse is deployed, you usually don't get invited places. I don't know whether it's because it's awkward just inviting 1 part of a pair, or that people are so busy with their lives that they forget you are alone. Who knows? I just know that I am a little jealous of all the people out bbq'ing, celebrating, spending time together!
On another note, tomorrow is the first day of school. My youngest is flying the nest and headed off to kindergarten. We have spent the whole day preparing (including running to Walmart to pick up last minute school supplies! Note to self: Never do that again, man that place was CROWDED!!!) I am sad...she is growing up so fast! For the first time in 6 years, I will be home all day by myself! I don't know what I am going to do. I have lots of ideas, but not sure I have the motivation to get them started! I cannot believe she is old enough to head off to school for a full day. Seems like just yesterday she was born, and we were marveling over how tiny she was! I am hoping that she has a GREAT first day, and that she loves kindergarten as much as she loved preschool!
With a final thought, I will close this post. I am praying...every day. Not something I normally do, but something I feel I need to do to get thru this year. I hope God understands, because my thoughts aren't exactly coherent when I am praying. I tend to wander all over the place, but at least I am praying and getting it all out. Til tomorrow.


ACE said...

Oh no! we didn't do anything but meet my mom for lunch. We've been sitting on the couch basking in the last day of our vacation. We've never celebrated labor day. I don't really consider it a holiday just a given day off work. I'm so sorry!!!! I still love you!!!!!

John Smith said...

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