Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things I am thankful for....

Yesterday we celebrated Thomas' 3rd birthday here at my house. My friend Tamara lives in a really small apartment, so I loaned her my house for the party. We had a really great time. Thomas was so cute opening up all his presents. Tamara did a fantastic job with the party. It was a Wubbzy party and she made a cake, centerpiece, craft and treat bags. It was all very crafty and beautiful. After the birthday party, we all met at 3 Amigos Mexican Restaurant for dinner. It was a little chaotic but good to get out as families, together. And hence, the reason I am writing this blog today.
In military life, I find myself without my husband regulary. Whether it be deployments, TDYs, late shifts, rotating shifts or just him being busy with his job, I am alone a lot more often than I would like. That is why I am so thankful for my moms group and all the wonderful friends that I have in the group. They are my support, my comfort, my shoulder to cry on and my ear to listen if I need them. I am lucky to belong to a group of women that mesh really well together and compliment each other. Sitting at dinner last night, I just realized how blessed I am to have them all in my life. Each and every one of them plays a different part in my life, but my life would be missing something if just one of them were to leave. They are my friends, my sisters, my partners in crime, my therapists, my babysitters, and sometimes they are just there! My job as a military wife and mom is made easier by their presence! I love you all, Tamara, Victoria, Rhiannon, Olga, Leah, Cara, Sandra, Kristine, Jessica, Meghan, Leslie, Jeanine, Maria, Ashley, and all your children as well. Thanks for being a big part of my life and sharing your lives with me! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Big day for our little moms group!

Today was a huge day for our moms group, Military SAHM of the Peninsula. I subscribe to a magazine that is carried in all Walmarts called All You Magazine. Every month, they send out an email asking questions about story ideas. A couple of months ago, they sent out an email asking about what people were doing to save money during the recession. I wrote in and told them about our group and the babysitting co-op that we host every month. Basically, 2 moms host each month at a different moms house, and the rest of the moms get to drop their children off and have a few hours out. This is very important to us, especially when our husbands are gone. It gives us a much needed break. One of the magazine writers wrote back and said they were interested in including our co-op in the story they were doing and needed to ask me a few questions. I answered the questions and thought that was it. Then, surprisingly, a few weeks later, she writes me again and says that the editor liked the military angle of our group and wanted to do a feature article on us and our babysitting co-op and would we mind? I immediately wrote back and said of course we wouldn't mind. She then sent me another list of questions to answer and I responded. Once again, I thought that was the end of it. Well, right before Christmas, she wrote me yet again, and said that her editor liked our story so much, that they wanted to send a professional photographer here to get photos of us and our children to include with the article! We were all ecstatic! For our little group of 20 women to get an opportunity like this was amazing! Today, at our monthly babysitting co-op, a professional photograher came and photographed us and our children. It was so much fun! All the children were smiling and posing, just lapping it up! Our article will be featured in the April 2010 issue of All You magazine and can be purchased at Walmart! Please check it out!

The Gall, I just cannot believe it!

So today, stories were flying about an attempted child abduction in our military housing area. Supposedly, the 9 year old little girl was grabbed by a man as she stooped to tie her shoes. She fought back and got away. Police were called, news cameras arrived and the entire community was in an uproar. Parents were scared, and standing at bus stops waiting for their children. The people who run our community printed out thousands of fliers printed with the information about the crime and a description of the supposed attacker. This little girl described her supposed attacker in minute detail, down to the jewelry he was wearing. Parents were frightened. Then tonight.... out it comes that the little girl made up the entire story!!! No reason is given for why she did it, and police are not even going to charge her! It is unbelievable. I don't believe in spanking, but if my child told a whopper like that, and got everyone all riled up and working hard, I think I would have to spank! Granted, I am glad that the story was false, and that nothing like that really happened in our neighborhood, but I am angry as well, at all the wasted man hours, paperwork, worries, etc that were wasted on this lie. The military gets enough crap as it is without some little girl bringing more bad publicity to our military. All I can say, is that I hope her parents give her a good talking to, and teach her a good lesson about lies and how they can harm people!