Sunday, September 4, 2011

1 day down...many more to go!

Today wasn't so bad...I had my moments but overall it has been a pretty decent day. I found my way to the NEX all by myself! Usually I just go to our local BX, but the NEX at the Naval Base has a Hello Kitty section that our little one wanted to check out. So I drove there! First time on my own, and I didn't even get lost! I was really proud of myself. My moment happened on the way home... My husband made me a CD of music before he left. It was all songs that I requested. Well before he left, he told me that he had added a few songs that conveyed how he feels and he wanted me to listen to the words! The one that got to me the most was "Wait for Me" by Theory of a Deadman. Such a beautiful song and I can hear him singing it to me. It tore me up, but also made me smile, because it shows just how much he loves me. I did get to talk to my husband on the phone which always makes things better! I have to take this one day at a time, or I will never get through it!

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