Monday, September 26, 2011

And the journey continues....

The days are starting to go by a little faster, and I am starting to get into a routine. I still have my meltdown moments, but there are fewer. I am really enjoyed the new church I am attending. It's weird because every week the pastor seems to know exactly what is on my mind and in my heart, and that is what he talks about. I am calling it divine intervention, God Himself is leading me to where I need to listen. I am finding out, slowly but surely, who exactly I can depend on and who I can do without. I found this great quote "If your presence in my life does not add value, then your absence won't make a difference!" So very true. So often there are people in our lives who bring us down, treat us unkindly, or just don't add anything good to our lives. Those people need to go. We need to surround ourselves with good, caring, loving, people and not worry so much about those that would talk bad about us, gossip about us or start nasty Facebook posts. This is a lesson I am working on learning. For so long, I have depended on my husband to be my only true friend, and with him gone, it is hard to know who to trust and who not to. I am finding out though, that some people are worth the risk and others are not. When those others fall by the wayside, it doesn't hurt quite as much as I thought it would. I may not have TONS of friends to support me, but the ones I do have are pretty darn awesome! I will count this blessing and move on.
In about another move, I will be completing a forced move on my own, and crazy me, but I am doing a DITY move! Our house is being demolished and we are being moved to brand new housing. I am excited but scared at the same time. I have never done a move entirely on my own (without my military member) so it is a little overwhelming. I do have help though so hopefully it will go smoothly.

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