Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last few days

The last few days have been the last I will spend with my husband for a while. All our great plans of spending time alone together doing what we wanted...gone out the window! We have kids, they have obligations, we have pets, they create havoc, we have lives, and they got in the way. Granted I did spend every moment of kids, pets and life getting in the way WITH my husband. He was with me for every second and I loved him being there. It just seems that we always make such huge plans for our last few days, and it never works out the way we plan. I want a PAUSE button! Then I could pause time, and spend those extra minutes just hugging him or having him hold my hand. Oh how I wish. I know it's his job, but my life is very different when he is not here. I am very honest and opinionated, and I tend to hurt peoples feelings unintentionally. He is my sounding board. He always help me to see things from other perspectives, and doing that over email, Skype or the phone just isn't the same. I sure am going to miss him.
On a funny note, he and I had picked out a new bedframe. It was perfect, exactly what we wanted and had been looking for. So tonight we go to buy it. He goes to look for a store employee to help us carry the box to the register. While he is gone, I am really checking this bed frame out. Suddenly I realize that it is not adjustable. It is built for a Twin and a Twin only, and we have a Queen! I go hunt him down to tell him! We were so bummed! The perfect bedframe and it isn't even our size! Luckily, we noticed this before we got it home and tried to set it up to fit our bed! LOL It was a funny moment. Memories of moments like that are what keep me going during the months he is away!

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L.C. said...

It will be okay! I promise! You have me :)