Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day One of many.....

So today was the day I had to drop my husband off so that he can head out on his new adventure (my positive code word for deployment.) We were told to be there at a certain time, and we were. An hour later, the transportation still had not arrived. Then someone shows up to say, oh you weren't supposed to be here til this time. Needless to say, I was a little irritated because I could have had more time with the hubby! It finally came time to say goodbye, and it was so hard. I try not to cry too much, because I don't want him feeling bad about the job he has to do. Everything was fine til I got in the car. As we are driving away, my 4 year old starts crying hysterically that she just wants ONE MORE HUG from Daddy. I tell her she can't, he has gotten on the bus now, and we won't see him til he gets back. That did nothing to calm her. She was just distraught and cried all the way home. Once we get home, me and the hubs are texting back and forth as he is waiting to board his plane. Hours go by, and he still has not left. It eventually took 7 hours from the time I dropped him off til the time he boarded his plane. That really pissed me off. That was 7 hours I could have had with him. The entire time, he was just sitting in a hangar with no food, no drink and not allowed to even come out and give his little girl one last hug. 7 HOURS!!!! What the heck were they thinking? I know that as a military spouse, I have to be ready for things to change at a moment's notice and be delayed frequently. But 7 hours? That is like a whole day. We were only 15 minutes from each other, but could not see each other, and I just found that totally frustrating. He finally texted me to tell me he was leaving, and will call me when he reaches his destination. I feel so bad that he had to sit there all day just waiting.
I must say that I am blessed to be friends with other military spouses, who totally understand what I am going through. Two of my good friends, L.C. and T.D. came over tonight to keep me company on this first night alone. It helped so much! I really don't know what I would do without my fellow military spouses! L.C.'s hubby and mine have been on 3 of the last 4 deployments together, so I kind of feel like she is more family than friend. T.D.'s husband does not work with mine, but she has always been there to support me, and I would be lost without her help.
Well tomorrow is another day. I have to remember "Every day they are gone, is one day closer to them coming home." Pray for our troops!

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L.C. said...

I am so glad I could be there for you! And know you can call at any time!!!