Friday, June 11, 2010

Finish the Sentence

Finish the Sentence

I took this from my amazing friend L.C.'s blog I follow :) You finish the sentence!

I love... my children, my husband, my parents, my playgroup, and books!

Right now I want... my house to be organized, my husband to be safe, and for my husband to come home soon.

I feel like... a truck ran over me. All these workouts at the gym hurt! But the end result and the look on my hubby's face when he sees me after all those months will be worth it.

I hate it when... I am apart from my husband, when we fight, and when people are just untruthful!

I fear...that he is going to leave the world before me, and I won't be able to live without him. ... that something terrible will happen to my children.

I'm lonely without...MY HUSBAND!

I need... a kiss, a hug, new towels, and a paid personal organizer!

Today I... am fixing to go to bed and read.

Tomorrow I'm... going to see DAUGHTRY LIVE at the Hampton Coliseum!!!!!!!!!

I just... watched my baby fall asleep on the couch. She was just so tired.

I want to meet... anyone and everyone that I can in life. Every one has a different story.

I'm hungry for... white chocolate. Gonna get some at Target tomorrow!

I love it husband is home, my baby laughs, my teenager says something nice to me.

I'm afraid of... my husband leaving me, dying, being alone in the world, being forgotten.

I'm listening to... the AC run, my baby sleeping, and me typing.

I'm wearing... jean capris and a white shirt.

I wish I was in... Italy...times were simpler then.

I want to get... a free ride to my husband's current location.

I can't... wait til my hubby comes home. Reunions are the best.

I'm nervous to... go places by myself, meet new people.

I feel happiest when... my husband is around me, when my baby hugs me, when my playgroup mommas help me keep it together when my hubs is gone.

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L.C. said...

love it!!! can't wait to come over tomorrow after PiYo! I'm going to bring my stuff to work on victor's first birthday invites!