Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The clouds are gathering.....

So my husband has an assignment to go to Korea for a year. For months it has been up in the air due to medical issues. They would say he wasn't going, then they would say he would. He even had to get an extension on his RNLT date so that he could finish his medical clearance. Well we got news today that everything has been finalized and he is totally cleared to go! Total hard hit to the heart for me! I guess somewhere deep down, I was hoping it would get cancelled. I get that my husband has to do this, its his job. I get that tons of military spouses go thru this every year...but, he is my best friend! My husband is EVERYTHING to me. He is the one I talk to, lean on, etc. I do have friends, but I depend on the hubs for everything. I can't talk to anyone else the way I talk to him. I am trying to hold it together and not be an emotional mess for his last few weeks, but on the other hand, I just want to fall apart! Life is going to be so different without him. And its a whole year.... :( I only have 1 friend here that I feel I could depend on for everything. That's not a lot. And she could leave at any time. Then what am I gonna do? I know it sounds like I am having a pity party, which I guess I am, but I just cannot be strong all the time. Sometimes you just gotta let it all go and be sad. I just cannot imagine life for a year without my best friend!
I also have to move to a new house by myself. We are being force moved and originally they said they would move us before he left, but now they are saying no. It's just a lot to take in for me! So much to do and be responsible for, and noone to lean on while I go through it all! It just sucks! Well that's my rant for the day. Through it all, I am still proud of my man and still proud to be a military wife!

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