Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Learning the Lessons God Teaches

So this past summer when my hubbie was gone (again) I had to learn a few hard lessons. There were some ladies that I thought were my close friends, women that I thought I could depend on for anything. Turns out, sadly, that I was wrong. Now normally, I would be devastated by this. Not this time around. This summer without my husband was a journey for me. I have realized that God puts every person into your life for a reason. Some of them are meant to be blessings, life long friends that you could not do without. Others, well they are there to teach you lessons that you need teaching. They are also there to show you your own weaknesses. I know now that I am strong. Being a military wife, I have to be, and sometimes that is just how I have looked I have no choice. However, I realized, I do have a choice. I can CHOOSE to be strong! I can choose to remove people from my life that do not fit. I don't have to like everyone, and I don't have to accept shoddy friendships. I am worth good friends, friends that I can count on, trust, and believe in. The military life is such a unique journey for the spouses...why shouldn't we surround ourselves with strong like-minded women? Women that have the same goals as us... and I am not talking about career or child raising, etc. I am talking about the goal of supporting each other, and being there for one another. I am talking about believing in what our spouses do and standing together in that. Yep! Everyone I come in contact with is put there by God for a reason, the lesson to learn is that not all of them have to stay. I can learn the lesson they are providing and move on! For all my military spouses out there that have been there for me, and do exemplify the kind of military spouse I want to be... I LOVE Ya! And keep on!