Monday, May 16, 2011

Keeping my mouth shut....

I have always been a very honest and upfront person. You get what you see. I have never been one to keep quiet or keep my opinions to myself. This has ALWAYS come back to haunt me. People say they appreciate honesty, until they get a dose of it, then they get pissed off. The past couple of weeks (after being honest about my feelings and getting burned for it) I have decide to just shut up. If someone pisses me, hurts my feelings, or does something I don't like; I am just not going to say anything at all. I am tired of being tried and convicted because I like to be totally honest and upfront. I am tired of all the drama that comes from being honest. Yes, really, being honest causes drama. There are always those people whose "little feelings" get hurt because you ACTUALLY told them the truth. Then they get pissed off and have to run off and tell someone else how you hurt their feelings, and that my friends, is how the drama gets started! And you know what, these are ADULT WOMEN that I am talking about. It goes against the grain of everything that I am to keep my mouth shut and NOT talk about how I am feeling, but it is necessary. I am tired of all the drama that comes with it. I am tired of getting the blame just because I tried to be honest about how I felt or what kind of hurt someone caused me. For now, and for the near future, I am just not going to say anything at all, and we will see how that works it. Who knows? It may fail. But for now, the lips are zipped. Let all these crazy people go find their drama somewhere else.... I don't have time for it in my life anymore!

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