Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life continues on, day after day.

Well all I can say right now is..... SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! It seems as soon as the latest round of snow melts, more is on its way. Last night it poured down rain, then this morning it was snowing. The ground is blanketed in white, and area cancellations and closings are rolling in. Don't get me wrong, I love snow, but when you have a 4 year that LOVES to attend school and you have to tell her that school is cancelled, yet again, it is no fun! Hannah misses school. That is all there is to it.
On another note, Chris is working mids now, and I have to say that it sucks. It is almost like he is deployed, but still in the same house. He does nothing but sleep and work, and I feel like I never see him. We pass by each other as I am on my way out, and he is on his way to bed. Weekends, he still sleeps most of the day, so that he can stay on his mids schedule. So time together is sparse. But I guess that is part of the military life. Sometimes I think there should be an extra stipend for military wives. I mean, hello, does the government realize how much us military spouses do? We keep EVERYTHING together while our active duty counterparts work. We pay all the bills, do all the cleaning, do all the kid stuff (carpools, appointments, conferences, homework help, counseling, etc), we wake them up, we wash their uniforms, we pack them up for deployments, and on and on the list goes. Ummm, hey Congress, I think I might need a raise too! LOL I love my job as a military spouse and wouldn't trade it for anything, but I do think that I should be compensated, and not just with medical benefits and housing allowance!
Well that's enough for today. I have to get Hannah working on her Valentine's for her class party and Jade should be home from school soon to tell me whether she has to go to play practice tonight. The life of a military spouse never stops.... it's go, go go!

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tamara davis said...

Can I have a raise too! At least we get to be proud and say "I'm a military wife and it's one of the hardest jobs in the world but I did it and I did it well!"